Survey: Community Café/Bistro in Milton-Parc

February 7th, 2021

A group of Milton-Parc citizens is interested in creating a cooperatively run, family-friendly, community-centered café in the neighborhood. This could be located in the former Bar des Pins space or in another SDC-owned space in the neighbourhood. We’d love to know how you would interact with such a business!

The essential elements of the enterprise:
• A varied menu highlighting affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals & beverages
• An emphasis on meals which are local, seasonal, and made in-house
• A designated play area for kids
• A multi-purpose space to host workshops and activities
• A Solidarity Cooperative business model in which customers (user-members), employees (worker-members), and community organizations (support-members) all have representation and collaborate for mutual benefit!

This space will also be the cornerstone of a democratic and resilient food system in Milton-Parc which will include collective cooking and being a drop-off point for a bulk buying group and community-supported agriculture baskets, among other activities.

In order to ensure the organization’s operations are aligned with the community’s needs, we have developed this questionnaire. Please tell us your opinion! Thank you!