Solidarity Organic Vegetable Baskets

November 18th, 2020

We are subsidizing organic baskets to make them as affordable as possible. Basket programmes include: 

  • Bio Locaux’s local organic winter baskets. Almost full!! November to May, every two weeks, on Friday 4-6pm in the community centre in Galeries du Parc
  • Second Life. Most affordable!! Baskets of vegetables that look funny that shops can’t sell. All year round. Drop off every Tuesday 3-6pm in the community centre in Galeries du Parc. Different types of vegetable and fruit baskets are available, organic/non-organic, local/international. Home delivery is also possible.
  • Lufa Markets. The most well known but also the most expensive. You can customize your baskets. Home delivery is possible.

If you can’t afford these programmes, let us know if you’re interested in a subsidy! We off a 10-40% sliding scale subsidy of the cost to make sure everyone has access to fresh, organic vegetables. If you are interested, contact Genevieve:

COMING SOON: Bulk Buying Food Coop

We are developing a zero-waste bulk-buying food coop where you can buy organic non-perishables for very cheap. Contact Assia if you are interested!