Popular education on the Solidarity Economy

January 19th, 2023

⚡️FREE ONLINE COURSE⚡️ Towards Cooperative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century (Jan 29th–June 2023)

This year, we are offering a FREE, ONLINE course on a just transition to a democratic ecological economy. The course contains 8 modules, each on really interesting topics like democratizing social care 🏥, ecological food systems 👩‍🌾, stewarding the land 🌳, and transitioning towards energy democracy☀️.  Click here to find out more. 

We will do study circles, screenings, and workshops at the new co-op Bar Milton Parc with free dinner. 📚🗓 The online written content will be in both English and French and our study circles will be bilingual. We will also have seed funding of at least $3000 to support participants’ initiatives as they turn learning into action. Click here to register. (mention CCMP in the organization field).

Fundamentals of the Solidarity Economy (SEIZE)

We are excited to announce that winter registration is open once again for our curriculum series – Fundamentals of the Solidarity Economy! This is an 8-week hands-on learning program featuring an incredible lineup of social-solidarity economy activists, organizers, academics, and entrepreneurs. Every Thursday evening, 6–9 PM from January 26th to March 23rd at Concordia’s Refugee Center (1610 Saint-Catherine St W Suite 402). The curriculum is in English. See the SEIZE website. Register here.