Food Bank & Mutual Aid

From the Farm to the Kitchen, We’re Building a Solidarity Food System

[Last Updated: January 2022]

The Milton Parc Mutual Aid Network was created at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to support our neighbours in need. This is about ordinary people helping each other to ensure our basic needs are met and to break social isolation and fear. 

*Please note we have modified some of our activities for the Winter*

This is how we can help:

Lutheran Church food bank. Every Friday, 6-8pm, 3594 rue Jeanne-Mance: We are helping with food distribution at the Lutheran Church food bank. We will also be serving hot suppers here! Deliveries are possible: please get in touch if you would like to request a delivery.

Partage et Solidarité food distribution. Every Sunday 2-4pm, Galeries du Parc, 3590 Jeanne Mance: Free distribution of food in partnership with Partage et solidarité.

If you would like to sign-up yourself or someone you know, contact us:; 514-655-7714 (Dimitri Ok).

We can always use volunteers to help with cooking vegetarian meals and delivering food on foot. We reimburse the cost of ingredients for our cooks.

Future projects

We hope to organize collective kitchens and cooking workshops, social, cultural, and sports activities (online or outdoors), cooking/preservation workshops, and free exchange of used kids clothing over next few months and will need your help to do all of this. Get in touch if you are interested or you have ideas!

Contact us!

Do you need help? Would you like to volunteer with us? Let us know!; Dimitri Ok : 514-655-7714

Get involved with us! 

  • Fill out our form or contact us directly to let us know how you could help, or how you (or someone else) needs help. 
  • Supper deliveries: An easy, fun, and friendly way to start volunteering is to help us deliver meals. We always need volunteers to help deliver meals on foot. Contact Dimitri Ok: 514-655-7714.
  • Supper cooks: We need people willing to cook once or twice a month. You can either cook as part of a team of three people in the Lutheran Church kitchen, starting around 3-4pm Fridays. Or you can cook 10-20 vegetarian meals from your home. We reimburse cooking costs. Contact Jeff Helberg:
  • Let us know if you have other ideas!