Milton Parc Environment Committee

The neighbourhood ecology committee is a great place to discuss ideas around local sustainability initiatives. 

The Milton Parc Environment Committee (CEMP in French) is a network, made up of citizens from the neighbourhood who are aware of environmental issues and the consequences of the climate crisis. The committee addressing these issues through different initiatives in our community.

The CEMP brings together members of housing cooperatives in the Milton Parc Community, nonprofit housing, residents, workers, and students of the neighborhood in order to promote and share information, research, and best practices related to environmental issues.

Our mandate is to identify and implement innovative projects in order to mitigate environmental impact, strengthen (or develop) the spirit of our community, and contribute to the well-being and health of the neighborhood and of the individuals who live there.

Some of our current projects:

  • A collective garden;
  • The greening of Milton Parc;
  • Planting trees and other plants, setting up green roofs, converting concrete spaces;
  • The search for financing to make homes more energy efficient;
  • The distribution of information on the activities and issues of the neighborhood.

The committee meets regularly, online or in person, and is open to anyone interested in environmental issues and who wishes to contribute to the life of their neighborhood. To find out more or to join the committee, contact Norman Nawrocki:

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