Falsification of Social History

October 6th, 2021

Citizens are preoccupied with the falsification of history, especially social history.

Two examples in Milton-Parc make the case of this type of falsification. The Nottman Gardens was a multi-year citizen led struggle to save this historic space and to prevent the building of condos on the site. Yet the official signage placed by the borough and VdeM bureaucrats and endorsed by the local politicians does not acknowledge in any way the citizens’ struggle to save the site. Why ?

Citizens also were engaged to have the green space at the corner of av du Parc and av des Pins re-zoned into a public park. The Milton-Parc Citizens Committee engaged in both struggles, carried out a door to door petition campaign collecting over 2000 signatures making this demand presented to the Plateau’s borough council. Again not a word of acknowledgement in the new official signage. How ironic that this new parc is named after Lucia Kowaluk. 

This falsification is not only completely unacceptable, but is a conscious undermining of the role and place of citizens in helping to improve their neighbourhoods and city.


Dimitri Roussopoulos