CCMP day of reflection + general assembly: Postponed to Saturday, February 4th, 12-5pm

January 24th, 2023

Saturday February 4th, 12–5pm, followed by a 5 a 7

Location: Former Bar des Pins 3714 Parc

Dedicated to the memory of Lucia Kowaluk, a Milton Parc community organizer and social worker.
Facilitated by Jason Prince (social economy consultant of PME Montreal).
12pm: Lunch catered by the Milton Parc Food Bank and cook Toni Caserta (donations welcome)
1pm: Opening assembly, breakout groups, discussion
3:30pm: Discussion of an action plan for the next 6–12 months
4:30pm: Reports from committees
5pm: 5 à 7 with drinks and music, with DJ Dimitri Ok

In the last few years, the CCMP has seen incredible growth, with many new projects (like a community center, gardens etc.), 20 times more funding, and many new volunteers. See our latest annual report hereIt has also brought growing pains, and has raised existential questions like:

  • What should we be working on between mobilization/advocacy, education, and creating community projects? 
  • In the spirit of Lucia Kowaluk, who was a community leader in the neighborhood for many years, how can we work together despite our differences of age, perspectives, and priorities? 
  • How can we better collaborate with other neighborhood organizations? 
  • How should we address complex and controversial issues like homelessness? 

As a democratic organization, the only way forward is to consult our members. So let’s discuss these questions together and make Milton Parc great again!

Please fill out this survey prior to the Day of Reflection. Even if you can’t make it to the event, your feedback is highly valuable to us and we would like to know what you want to see!