CCMP day of reflection + general assembly: Postponed to Saturday, February 4th, 12-5pm

January 24th, 2023

In the last few years, the CCMP has seen incredible growth, with many new projects (like a community center, gardens etc.), 20 times more funding, and many new volunteers. See our latest annual report hereIt has also brought growing pains, and has raised existential questions like:

  • What should we be working on between mobilization/advocacy, education, and creating community projects? 
  • In the spirit of Lucia Kowaluk, who was a community leader in the neighborhood for many years, how can we work together despite our differences of age, perspectives, and priorities? 
  • How can we better collaborate with other neighborhood organizations? 
  • How should we address complex and controversial issues like homelessness? 

As a democratic organization, the only way forward is to consult our members. So let’s discuss these questions together and make Milton Parc great again!