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May 18th, 2021

Environment Committee Milton Parc 

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The Milton Parc environment committee (CEMP)is a network, made up of neighborhood citizens, aware of environmental issues and the consequences of the climate crisis. The committee is putting in place different means to address these issues within our community.The CEMP brings together members of housing cooperatives in the Milton Parc Community, nonprofit housing, residents, workers, students of the neighborhood in order to promote and share information, research and best practices related to environmental issues. Our mandate is to identify and implement innovative projects in order to mitigate the environmental impacts, strengthen (or develop) the spirit of our community and contribute to the well-being and health of the neighborhood and of the individuals who evolve there.
 * The committee meets regularly, online or in person, and is open to anyone interested in environmental issues and who wishes to contribute to the life of their neighborhood.

A collective garden.The greening of Milton Parc;Planting trees and other plants Setting up green roofs Converting concrete spacesResearch for financing to make homes more energy efficient;The distribution of information on the activities and issues of the neighborhood.

Gardening Advice

Sowing time!  The arrival of spring is synonymous with gardening! Growing seedlings can be a fun project for everyone in the family. All it takes is a collection of small pots and a sunny window. For example, fill an empty egg carton with soil. You can sow 3 seeds per division. Water daily with a spray bottle and place the seedlings near a window in the sun.  You can take inspiration from the botanical garden’s sowing calendar.
Good luck!
The importance of pollinators

Most pollinators are insects, but there are also bats and birds such as the Hummingbirds. Pollinators carry pollen from one plant to another, enabling plant reproduction.  Some perennial or annual plants and flowers are particularly attractive to pollinators; dandelion, thyme, rosemary, sage and more. For additional info:

Gardening in the Shade

Some tips for your garden in the shade. read more >>

News from the Community:UN


The rooftop garden at 3516 Parc Avenue (formerly the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre) is being developed for this summer.  The CCMP’s mutual aid committee is developing this space for urban agriculture, learning and exchange with the community and for the community. 

INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED? We are a small team and need volunteers for: The realization of a development plan  Search for materials and construction Fundraising 
Contact us at or 514 799 5629 or by filling out the form
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Milton Parc community (CMP), in collaboration with the McGill Student Association(SSMU), have been working on organizing a tree planting activity in the Milton Parc neighborhood. Hopefully this spring we can get the project underway.  Register your interest with the Milton Parc Environment Committee or the CMP for tree planting in your co-op.