News from the borough, by borough councillor Maeva Vilain

December 15th, 2020

Maeva Vilain, borough councilor for the Jeanne-Mance District (where Milton Parc is located) has prepared a short summary of political news and updates on matters of concern to local residents. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her with your questions and comments:

What follows is an English translation of her report. You can read the report in it’s original French here.

Missed the last borough council meeting?

Here are a few noteworthy decisions from the agenda of the regular meeting of the Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough Council held online on Monday, December 7, 2020.

Renewal of the Budget of the Milton-Parc Recreational Association:

The Council authorized a financial contribution of $94,800 per year for 2021 and 2022. This funding over two years stabilizes the organization’s long-term planning. We voted to renew the same budget as 2019 for the “Recreation Activities”, “Day Camp” and “Home and Supervision” programs. It should be noted that ARMP is also funded by revenues from volleyball court rentals.

Reminder: The ARMP gymnasium remains open for racquet sports and many courses are offered online.

Financial Support on Homelessness:

The Council authorized an additional financial contribution of $20,000 to La Porte Ouverte Montréal (The Open Door Montréal) for the project to enhance the homelessness outreach team. This amount will allow the organization to carry out more interventions with people experiencing homelessness in the borough, in particular by allowing the hiring of a full-time intervention worker for the winter period.

Click here to learn more about social cohabitation and homelessness.

Increasing the Budget of the Groupe Information Travail for Clean-Up Work on Parc Avenue

The Borough Coucil also authorized financial support totalling $9,200 to the Groupe Information Travail (GIT) to carry out a socio-professional integration project for the months of December 2020 and January 2021. Their mission: to clean storefronts on Avenue du Parc, between Sherbrooke and des Pins and commercial lanes.

The GIT is also financed by the borough’s anti-poverty fund. This year we are providing additional funding so that the project can continue throughout the winter.

Subsidies for Reusable Hygiene Products

In order to reduce the volume of waste in the borough, and to respond to several citizen requests, the council authorized a financial contribution of $16,500 to the Ateliers d’Éducation populaire du Plateau for the granting, in 2021, of subsidies to citizens for the use of reusable hygiene products, such as cloth diapers for babies as well as menstrual and incontinence products.

Program details

To access all the details from the last Borough Council meeting: