3516 Parc: A New Community Headquarters!

November 16th, 2021

Local Groups are Joining Forces: Come Share Office Space with Us!

The Milton Parc Citizens’ Committee has leased 3516 Parc (the former Urban Ecology Centre) to develop a community hub. 

We are looking for community-based organizations (and, secondarily, individuals/freelancers), involved in the fields of activism, solidarity, community development, the social economy, research, or the arts who would like to share office space with us in the Cooperative Republic of Milton Parc. Come join groups like the Milton Parc Citizens’ Committee, Tenk.ca, QPIRG McGill, Coopérative les Mille Lieux, Comm-Un, ACORN, The Royal Vic for the Public Coalition, the Montreal Autonomous Tenants’ Union, and Mama Dances.

The building is a beautiful three-story Victorian greystone (120 years old) with a 20-person meeting room, 2 bathrooms, a mini-kitchen, a backyard patio, and a rooftop garden (the Lucia Kowaluk Terrace). The building is a total of 2274 sq ft, with 7 rooms at a total of 1334 sq ft available for rent. See this document for the floor plans and rent projections. The citizen-run SDC Milton Parc owns the building.

PHOTOS: Here are photos of the building.

If an organization also has other space needs to complement an office in 3516 Parc, such as multi-purpose rooms for 40-100 people, a community kitchen, or storage space, there are other community-run spaces within 5 minutes walking distance. We can help you access these solutions. 

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: We intend to make the ground floor accessible by installing a ramp at the front entrance. All bathrooms are single-use and non-gendered. The space could be made scent-free as needed.

Contact us if you are a group or individual and you are interested in renting a fixed office, hot-desking, or renting our meeting room. ccmp.miltonparc@gmail.com; 514-561-4656 (Nathan McDonnell).