Our event at Parc Léo-Pariseau featured in The Gazette

By Christine Muschi from The Gazette, April 22, 2017

” Montrealers celebrate Earth Day, march for science

From planting trees to bike sales to drumming circles and potlucks, Montrealers participated in worldwide Earth Day celebrations on Saturday.

Despite the rain, about 100 people — from young children to senior citizens — gathered at Léo-Pariseau Park at the corner of Parc and Pine Aves. (and in neighbouring offices when the weather became too rough) to celebrate and raise awareness about different environmental issues.

“There’s no shortage of evidence showing how severe the ecological crisis is right now,” said organizer Nathan McDonnell. “For us, ecology is not an environmental problem, it’s a problem stemming from society and the economy. And the only way to genuinely change that is through mobilizing people and educating people.”

Hosted by the Milton Park Citizens’ Committee, the event was also to raise awareness about half of Léo-Pariseau Park still being zoned residential, meaning it could be another lost green space in the city if someone decides to develop it.

Coinciding with Earth Day was also the March for Science, held to rally in support of Americans who say they’re facing mounting attacks against science through proposed budget cuts.

Hundreds of scientists and science enthusiasts marched downtown on Saturday, holding signs that said “Science is life” and “Climate change is already here.”

“The main message is to celebrate science and underline the need to protect it, because it brings us prosperity, health and security,” organizer Jérémy Bouchez, a science writer at the Université de Montréal, told the Montreal Gazette earlier this week.

Similar marches were held on Parliament Hill and in dozens of other communities across Canada on Saturday.”

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