Public Consultation on Climate Change organized by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal

Here is the document concerning the Public Consultation on Climate Change organized by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal.

“In what way does combatting climate change concern cities? Three-quarters of the population of
developed countries live in urban environments. It is therefore important to contemplate the
reduction of greenhouse gases from that perspective. In Montréal, a coalition of committed
citizens, wanting to make the most of the attention focused on the United Nations Conference on
Climate Change (COP21) , scheduled for the end of November in Paris, asked the City to hold a
public consultation on reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. On June 30 last, the mayor of
Montréal announced a major consultation and gave the OCPM, a neutral third party, the
mandate to hold it and “consult on concrete, ambitious and achievable solutions to reduce
Montréal’s dependence on fossil fuels.”
We are therefore entering a long discussion process with citizens, aiming to provide user-friendly
means of reflecting on our individual and collective choices. To the debate surrounding fossil
energies and renewable energies, the Office associates the energy of the citizens, believing in
collective intelligence to identify solutions for Montréal. Let’s fill up on new energies!
The Office is proposing a consultation process in the spirit of crowdsourcing. The consultation
will be held in two parts: one before the Paris Conference, and the other from January to March
This fall, we will begin with the information session on October 29. It will mark the launch of the
online consultation exercise, which will continue until the end of the public activities, in March
Ever seeking to remain at the leading edge of the citizen consultation experience, we are
proposing an online consultation platform. This digital tool, a genuine opinion hub, will allow
citizens to interact around various proposals, to affirm their agreement or disagreement, to
support arguments, and to provide references. The tool allows the organization of discussions
surrounding challenges or problems and solutions alike.
In addition to the online debate, from November 14 to 20, there will be one week of citizen
contributory activities, organized in partnership with groups of citizens and institutions. The week
will culminate in the “major citizen activity” of the Office, on November 21. Over the course of the
week, everyone will be given the opportunity to organize their own small consultation, using a
“ready-to-consult” kit, or to join a group. The proposals thereby obtained will be added to the
online consultation to fuel the discussions.
At the end of November, the Office will submit to the mayor of Montréal, prior to his departure for
the Paris conference on climate change (COP21), a summary of the citizens’ ideas.
The second part of the consultation, to be held over the course of the winter, will offer otherpublic events, including a creative marathon in February, where we will call on technology and
environment buffs to identify solutions. After the hearing of opinions sessions in March, the
commission will review all the proposals, opinions expressed and references provided. It will
then submit to the elected officials its public consultation report containing recommendations to
be used in their decision-making process.”

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