Graffiti: Milton-Parc’s Gallery of Shame

About ten days ago, the tag pictured on the brick wall went up, just behind where the borough had put two permanent garbage bins at the end of a lane in Milton-Parc. Yesterday someone set fire to one of the containers and all the garbage that was overflowing from it, and the fire completely consumed the bin and started to spread to the nearby building. Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time to prevent further damage. Again, we were lucky this time, but this is a perfect example of the workings of the “broken window theory,” whereby neglected neighborhoods abandoned by public officials to graffiti and other vandalism attract an escalation in criminal activity and a degradation in livability and safety.

The MPCC is committed to working with our elected officials to counter this phenomenon with effective means.









One Response to “Graffiti: Milton-Parc’s Gallery of Shame”
  1. Ces photos parlent d’elles-mêmes. D’abord c’est scandaleux de voir autant de déchets autour des poubelles, ensuite il semblent que les graffitis et les déchets accumulés aillent de pair (sont-ce les mêmes personnes qui en sont responsables ou l’un attire l’autre?) Finalement c,est la deuxième fois qu’un incendiaire agit dans le même coin en 2 ans, serait-il un locataire d’une des maisons qui bordent la partie est-ouest de cette ruelle? Il faudrait demander à la police de faire enquête.
    Liliane Demers

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