Lucia Kowaluk, guest speaker

Citizens in Action

Citizens in Action, a non-profit, non-partisan, progressive group of concerned citizens, dedicated to political, social & economic justice is pleased to present:

A Free Public Conference on

Hands-on Activism:

by guest speaker

Lucia Kowaluk, recipient of the Order of Canada

For a lifetime of activism

Lucia Kowaluk, has just been named to the Order of Canada for a lifetime of activism, throughout which she never flinched or gave up. Instead she faced obstacles and challenges with a remarkable courage. She is the founder of the Milton Park Housing Project, the biggest cooperative in North America. She also co-founded the Urban Ecology Center and is responsible for many other projects. Come and find out how she put her energy where her mouth is! This is an event that should inspire all would-be activists. Bring your friends too.

 To be followed by a discussion period

Date:   Wednesday, January 15, 2014.
Place:  Concordia University, School of Community & Public Affairs,
               2149 McKay St (between Sherbrooke & De Maisonneuve Blvd.)
Time:   7.00 p.m. sharp

N. B. We usually meet once a month, to tackle a different political issue, at Concordia University, same time, same place. For further information, please call the founder & coordinator of the group, Nadia Alexan, at tel. (514) 846-0644, or e-mail:  (sponsored by the Concordia Student Association, & by SCPASA)

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  1. Here is the article which appeared in the Link, Concordia’s newspaper, featuring Lucia Kowaluk’s talk:

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