Another good reason to preserve Parc Oxygen

By Lucia Kowaluk with Gabrielle Weech

A book, recently published and based on extensive research by two health specialists at Harvard University, gives proven evidence that the presence of greenery (whether in school rooms, hospitals or urban mini-parks) has a positive and healthy effect on people.

Dr.Alan Logan,. a naturopath and Dr. Eva Selhub M.D. the authors and researchers of the book ‘Your Brain on Nature’,  recently spoke at McGill, and one of our members and a neighbours on Hutchsion attended the lecture and passed on her notes to the MPCC.

Dr. Logan;s lecture attended by over 100 persons on a cold,dark winter evening was titles “Vitamin G; the medical effects of green space in the context of Ecophyschology”.  The research on which the book is based is recent, and includes MRI brain scans which clearly showed that the presence of green space produces stability,empathy,generosity and positive responses to happy faces, as well as ‘improvements in cognitive performances’. Trees and bushes give better results than mowed grass. Urban parks are the path to sustainability; greater vegetation equals greater vitality.

Dr. Logan stressed the urgency to preserving green spaces and keeping it from “development”. Time and again, he said, people are shown to be happier having been outside for any amount of time around greenery.

The book is available in bookstores or amazon.

Read the interview Dr. Alan Logan gave to The Gazette

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