Brutalité policière – Police brutality

Bonjour à tous, chers membres du CCMP

Hello dear members of MPCC

Patricia Moore, une de nos membres de longue date et avocate bien connue, s’est faite violemment pousser par un policier alors qu’elle voulait entrer chez Le Couffin biologique au coin de Sherbrooke et ave du Parc, jeudi.  Elle se remettait justement d’une opération au genou et devait éviter les chutes.   La violence du policier  a été capturée par un étudiant qui se trouvait là.  Les médias sont alertés.  On lui souhaite prompt rétablissement et on l’a assurée de notre appui.

Patricia Moore, long standing member of the MPCC, and a well known lawyer, was attacked by the police as she was trying to enter the organic food store at the corner of Parc and Sherbrooke. Pat, who recently has knee surgery, was told by her doctors to avoid all falls. Fortunately an alert student took this documented video which is now all over the internet and media. Two other young men who also witnessed what happened are available to her in any future action she may consider.  See the evidence below.  Media coverage continues. We send Pat our best wishes, and stand with her.

One Response to “Brutalité policière – Police brutality”
  1. miltie says:

    Some silly people are actually speculating that she instigated the whole thing. Unbelievable!

    Really though, this stupid stunt by the riot cop has done some significant harm to the local image of the police. His trigger-happy reaction has probably garnered some scolding from his superiors.

    Pat, we hope you’re doing better, and we support you with whatever you decide to do about this.

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